Week One in the New Studio

We’re just rounding off the first complete week in our new studio, located at 1246 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill, FL. What a week it’s been! We were thinking things would start off slowly, and be scrambling to find clients, but a lot of work came to us! We were hired to build a new website for a local church after putting together a proposal that was received favorably. We also created artwork for an ordered t-shirts and coffee mugs for another client. There are several people inquiring about business cards, so that seems to be another popular product for us.

All of this is our daily busy work around the 24 page comic book we were hired to produce for a cancer charity, and that’s coming along nicely. There’s another comic book to complete right after that one, and it’s 40 pages, so there’s no shortage of things to do!

Over this week we started a few new relationships with wholesalers that we get some of our goods from. They offer us special pricing, so we can bring you competitive rates on everything we do while combining them with some of the best graphic design skills in the Daytona Beach area. We also experimented with several storefront options online. The version on our website is working great, while the Facebook version turned out to be not quite ready for prime-time, so we scrapped that one. We’ve also made some adjustments in profit margins to account for some expenses we weren’t expecting, but we think we’ve settled into some good pricing structures now that work well for us.

There are a few more cosmetic things to take care of in the studio next week, and then we’ll be ready for our grand opening January 2nd, followed by our open house on January 7th. Thanks for following along with us!

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