The New Studio!

20161022_135834Our new office space in Holly Hill, Florida, is shaping up nicely! Located inside the new Sound Mind Studios building, which occupies what was formerly known as Techs in the City, at the corner of Walker Street and Ridgewood. A lot of the interior walls have been removed or re-positioned, and the wood flooring has been laid down. This week, we ripped the old shelving and desks out of our area, and it’s ready for a fresh coat of paint before we load in all of our new gear. We have a new drawing table ready to bring in, so we can offer traditional hand-drawn art as well as the best digital tools.

Does the Daytona Beach area really need another graphic and web design agency? We think the quality of our work answers that question quite well. Take a look at the samples of our work on our website and judge for yourself. We feel confident that our work stacks up against what the very best of them can offer, and we think our pricing is better. We’re good, we’re fast, and we’re dependable.

We’ve been building websites for almost as long as there’s been a web. Our own domain was registered in 1999, and has been in continuous operation ever since. That’s over 17 years! We’ve stayed current with design practices and trends, and our designs have evolved right along with the needs of the modern client. Our lead designer has a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media, and carries over 30 years of professional experience with him.

We think you’re going to like what you see. Our new office is in a creative place that’s unlike anything else in the Daytona area. We have the experience and skills to turn your vision into something you can share with everyone else.

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