Join us for our Open House!

We’re having our big open house shindig this Saturday, January the 7th, from 4 to 7 pm. Check out four complementary companies all under one roof! Sound Mind Studios – recording studio Brick House Digital – graphic design, web design, business cards and banners Dave Cates – Sound system design & installation, sound management for […]

Brick House Digital Grand Opening!

Today is our grand opening! We are now officially open for business and are fully equipped and ready to provide you with graphic and web design services. We’ve had the countdown running on our site since October, and the day is finally here! Our new office is at the corner of Walker and Ridgewood in […]

Is your site mobile ready?

With 2 of every 3 minutes of time spent browsing the web now done on mobile devices, does your site scale to meet the needs of each screen it appears on? This is now a vitally important factor going forward with web design. You can’t afford to have your message being too small to be […]

WordPress for Daytona and Beyond

There is no doubt that a large portion of the web now runs on WordPress – about 1 in 4 of all sites at last count. As a content management system, with unlimited expandability, it can adapt to suit any need, and can be updated with the very basics of understanding by end users. It […]

The New Studio!

Our new office space in Holly Hill, Florida, is shaping up nicely! Located inside the new Sound Mind Studios building, which occupies what was formerly known as Techs in the City, at the corner of Walker Street and Ridgewood. A lot of the interior walls have been removed or re-positioned, and the wood flooring has […]