Plastic Cards!

Plastic Cards from Brick House Digital are a great way to put your business in the lead! They offer thousands of practical and promotional applications with a huge market. Plastic Cards are durable and printed on 20PT Plastic Opaque White, Frosted, and Clear stocks!

Luster Cards!

Upgrade your product line with brilliant Luster Cards with high gloss lamination from Brick House Digital. Allow your business cards and announcement cards to make a lasting impression with extra durable, water resistant, glossy Luster Cards. Luster Cards are printed on 16pt card stock and then they are laminated with an optically clear 3mil gloss […]

Suede Cards!

Feel the difference with Suede Cards — soft to the touch, they bestow a hint of luxury to brands and create marketing pieces that stand out from the competition. Suede Cards are printed with high quality equipment on 16pt card stock, then they are laminated on both sides with 1.5mil scuff resistant, soft velvet laminate, […]

Foil Worx!

Bring extra flair and shine to your business! Choose from either gold, silver or copper foil accents for variety of products and have them printed on 14pt uncoated or 16pt silk laminated. The combination of foil with either finish are a surefire way to make a statement!

Show Some Love!

We can make your personalized greeting cards, post cards, announcement cards and more to let the people closest to you and your business know how much you care! Call us today for a free quote!

AkuaFoil Cards!

Radiance never seen before – dazzle you can afford! Akuafoil from Brick House Digital gives you a wide range of colors with a sparkling foil finish and an ideal reflection that is priced to give you a true competitive advantage. Large solid areas as well as reversed out areas of foil, foiled half tones, gradients […]