Studio Workflow

Day three inside the new studio, in Holly Hill, FL, at the corner of Walker and Ridgewood. We're figuring out what our daily workflow will be. The plan is to start each day out with a social media sweep - posting updates on Facebook and Twitter for ourselves and our clients, answering emails and doing blog postings. This is also a great time to do some writing. The early hours are when we seem to have our best ideas. For us, the afternoon is better for busy work, like drawing or coding website stuff. There will always be times where we'll have meetings with client, either here in the studio or going out to meet them at their location, but we'll soon settle into a regular groove.

The new studio is an amazing environment. Everyone in the building is a talented creative person, and there's always music in the air. We've met a lot of new people in our first few days here already, and we haven't even had our grand opening yet. We're currently in our soft-opening, during which we'll be in and out of the office over the holiday season, and then on January 2nd, we'll have our grand opening and things will take off for real! We're having a big Open House even on Saturday, January 7th, at 4pm. You can check out the offices of Brick House Digital, Sound Mind Studios, Dave Cates, and Summit Capture.

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