Is your site mobile ready?

With 2 of every 3 minutes of time spent browsing the web now done on mobile devices, does your site scale to meet the needs of each screen it appears on? This is now a vitally important factor going forward with web design. You can’t afford to have your message being too small to be seen on a customer’s phone screen, or risking annoyance at having to pinch-zoom, and find what they want to read. Modern designs will scale, move, and reformat to match the reader’s chosen aspect and screen size.

All of our site designs look great at any resolution. You can be certain that your website will adapt to smart phones, tablets, and PC screens. The menus will morph and adapt to make better use of available screen real estate, the products in your store will always be big and clearly labeled, and your blog posts will be easy to read. Photos will be large and can be scrolled through with simple finger swipes, but still optimized for quick loading times. All of the features from the full desktop version are still available, including social media integration and sharing. Your website can even have location awareness for displaying directions and contact information relative to your customer. And, your mobile site will have an app-like appearace, which customers like.

Give us a call today to find out how great your website can be! We will be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation and outline everything we can do for your website.

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