Tanks for Tards

I kid of ran out of steam last night.

I finished up all my tournament dailies on Skulfrak, and stood in Dalaran watching trade chat. I was hoping to get into a Malygos (Eye of Eternity) weekly, or maybe ICC. The chat was so elitist though, gear checks, scores, link achievements, etc. PuGs are not places for those who haven’t done it many times before. If my guild was doing it, I wouldn’t need a PuG! The one I’m in has stuff scheduled Friday and Saturday night, so that doesn’t really work for me. Trish works a few evenings, but not the ones they’ve scheduled.

I just didn’t feel like running heroics again, and it was getting late. I cycled through a bunch of my other toons, and I didn’t want to get into one of those massive vanilla instances, so I ended up logging off and watching a movie.

I recognize that guilds will have advantages coming up, but I just can’t get into things where I have to depend on other people for something.

Another trend I’ve seen the past week is tanks selling heroic runs, and DPS offering to pay tanks to group with them. You know there’s a problem when one mechanic is so out of balance that others will view them as a commodity. Hell, maybe I should dust Carrara off and make some money! I really like the warlock class the best, but there just isn’t any demand for them, no matter how awesome he is. He kicks much butt in PvP, where my pally has problems. Maybe if my paladin had better gear with some resilience, I’d do better. I don’t even see healers in this kind of demand. Are there really so few tanks, or are there just no good, well-geared ones? Maybe nobody wants the job of leading the group, as DPS just get to follow along and blast stuff.

There’s definitely a problem here that they need to address. Maybe if they let warlock and hunter pets have a tanking tree in the talents, it would open things up a bit more, or certain pets who could be used as tanks.

I logged into my human paladin Vez on Skywall this morning, and she only had 4 silver. She’s level 46 and I spent all the money she had made on a dual-spec and 2-hander.  I only had a few minutes, so I thought maybe I’d take her over to Howling Fjord to do some more fishing for cash. Then, I saw it: “Looking for guild charter signatures. Paying 25 gold. Don’t have to stay.” “ME!!!!” I now have 25 gold, 4 silver on her. 🙂 That’s a little better.

So, I’m thinking it’s time to play one of my paladins some more.

Warsong Weekend!

This past weekend, Warsong Gultch was the weekly Call to Arms battleground in WoW.  That means a ton of experience for all your low level toons!  About every two and a half wins, I’d gain a level.  A loss would be about 10%.  That’s with no heirloom items on this character.

So, my new human paladin Vez on Skywall US went from level 38 to 46, and gathered up more than 10k honor.  Not bad at all!

The only downside is that you’re not getting any new gear or gold while doing battle.  I’ve got her fishing capped at 450 now, though, and sneak off every once in a while on a fishing expedition, and she’s had over a thousand gold. so far.  A few trips through the dungeon finder, which is near instantaneous for a tank, and she’s back in all current level blue items.


She’s coming up on some of the last prot talents for tanking that will fill out her rotation.  Having a lot of fun bringing this one up from scratch!