Battlegrounds in the Morning

I ran a bunch of back-to-back random battlegrounds on Skulfrak this morning, and made enough honor to get a few new pieces of gear. He’s starting to become hard to kill, and is doing pretty well. Here’s a video I put together from some random sessions –

Skulfrak Goes to War – Old School Alterac Valley!

I ran a bunch of AVs on my warlock, Skulfrak, today, and the last one was truly epic. The alliance was waiting for us in Balinda’s room, and that threw everything off.  The didn’t get Galv down, and we failed on Bal, so it ended up turning into a giant battle of attrition, and we were losing by about 100 reinforcements. But, after wearing them down a bit, we finally took Balinda out, and that turned the tide. Suddenly, they were the ones down by 100, and we pushed them all the way back into their camp. They even brought out the Druids of the Fang! I was half expecting them to summon the Ice Lord.  It seemed like it took about an hour, but we finally counted them down, and it was like New Year’s Eve.  So, we actually did some PvP in Alterac Valley, the way it was meant to be. Too bad they’re not all that way! This is why it’s my favorite battleground.

Skulfrak Goes to War – The Firelands!

After I did some crafting this morning, I finished off enough questswith my warlock Skulfrak in Hyjal to open up the Firelands. It turned out to be a lot tougher than I thought! I did a bunch of tasks in Hyjal for the druids, and the portal opened and I went through. I got in over my head once, and died, but I soon got the hang of it. Now, I’m collecting World Tree marks and I’ll go back tomorrow.

Then I ran Alterac Valley a few times, and did some PvP, earning honor points.

It’s an Alterac Valley Weekend!

Alterac Valley has always been my favorite battleground. Probably from my old-school roots when there used to be 4 hour queue times, and six hour running battles.  It’s much quicker now, but I still love fighting back on forth on the road or the field of strife. I’m gearing Skulfrak up to get some better PvP gear, so I’ll try and get some sessions in during the weekend.

Skulfrak Goes to War

Been thinking a lot about PvP lately, and did some on my warrior I’ve been occasionally leveling, but I just don’t enjoy it was much as I do on my warlock.  I’m thinking it’s time to knuckle down, get some gear, focus my spec, and send a few thousand alliance pinkies to the graveyard.

For all that’s going on in my life, PvP better suits my play time.  I don’t have a few hours to slog through heroics in a PuG and listen to all the whining, but 30 minutes here and there to knock out a battleground can be fine.  There’s just something about facing off against other players as opposed to computer-controlled opponents that I find very satisfying. Real people can make dumb mistakes, hit the wrong keys, be in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc.  Anything can happen.

So, I’m lacing up my boots and heading into some battlegrounds and Told Barad on Skulfrak  I wouldn’t mind some arena action too, but I need some better gear first.

I’ll be tweaking my affliction spec, adjusting my glyphs and going after some resilience gear. Next report will be from the trenches!


My new warrior I was leveling to tank for my friends was just going too slow. They’ve got linked accounts and are getting triple XP, and I have no heirlooms or guild bonus to work with.  So, I jumped ahead.

I rolled a new goblin death knight named Barchetta on Wildhammer-US and jumped right into tanking instances. He’s kicking some serious butt!  It was a little shaky at first, but now that he has more aggro-generating abilities in place, he’s a pretty solid tank.  The average queue time is about 4 seconds.  He’s level 61 and climbing.

So, now I’m waiting for my buddies to catch me.  It shouldn’t take them too long, and then we can start running together.  Coda might make a comeback later, but for now, I’ll be on Barchetta.

I won a Tol’Barad!

Finally. after two months, the horde won a Tol’Barad victory this morning while I was in the group.  Quite a few of us were amazed, and someone even asked “What do we do now?”  There are six dailies in there for the controlling faction, which I never knew before!  Wow, all this time, the alliance on SWC has had a free run on these, as well as the raid instance in there.  The horde has been at a substantial disadvantage, but it seems the latest patch has made things more equitable.

Skul has been running dailies, and gathering up some honor and points.  I’m still not very clear on what Blizzard’s idea for end-game content is right now.  I tend to get bored with dailies after about two weeks, and I’d rather be running dungeons.  With 45 minute queues, and runs that take more than an hour, it’s not as accessible as it was during Wrath.  I know, people are tired of the whining and crying that dungeons are too hard, but I really enjoyed being able to hammer out 2 heroics during my lunch hour, or squeeze one in before work.  I miss some days now, and it’s not as much fun.  When I do get one finished, it’ just not as rewarding as I feel it should be.

I’ve got some friends looking at Rift, but I can’t afford to buy into another game right now that seems to be on the same path as Warhammer or Age of Conan.  And do we need another sword & sorcery game that does the same things?  I’d love to do something different, but I have a hard time believing a game fresh out of the gate can be as fun as WoW can be.  Wow has some issues right now, but I’m not ready to jump ship unless I see some solid evidence of a large player base and frequent updates.

Skulfrak is Back!

Patch day was yesterday, and things look to be better for some of the end-game content, so I set aside my worgen project to dust off my main warlock, Skulfrak, to try things out.

The horde actually had Tol Borad on Steamwheedle Cartel, which I never saw before.  It’s been a month since I played Skul, so I’m not sure what the recent trends are, but I’ll be watching closely to see what the TB trends are, as that was one of my issues with the current state of the game.

I sold a bunch of old archeology grays I had in my bank, and was happy with the new vendor prices.

I was able to make it through a heroic dungeon, and died during the last boss fight, but the group stayed together and finished it, and I won a new blue staff, so Skul’s gear got a little better and he earned some valor points.

I did a random battleground this morning, and the horde just didn’t have it together.  They’ve combined a bunch of battlegroups, and our new stock is really lacking.  I had the flag in Warsong Gultch, and my teammates ran right past me to fight in the middle, rather than escorting and covering me, and I was hunted down by two allies in our own base and killed, giving the other side a score.  They weren’t even paying attention to the fact that there are flags in there, and winning the match gives bonus honor.


Cygnet – level 54

Cygnet, my new worgen warlock on Whisperwind, is now level 54. She’s done all the classic dungeons except LBRS, which should come up in the next few days, and she’ll get the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement.  She’s also run some battlegrounds and done quite well.  When she hits 60, she’ll have enough honor to buy a few epic goodies that will carry her for a few levels.

Outland dungeons and flying are on the horizon!