Step into the Arena

My wife and I made a 2v2 arena team yesterday, and tried our hands at some fast and furious PvP.  We called our team Skulls and Rockets (’cause we each have rocket mounts).

We did pretty bad.  A shadow priest and a warlock for their first time in a bunch of the maps.  We were able to squeeze out a win against one of the teams, though, so we’re figuring they must have been *really* bad.  We got more than our required 10 matches for the week, so we’ll have some kind of rating come Tuesday morning, and find out if it’s worth investing some time in.  We both got the Step into the Arena achievement.

Kind of cool to see yet another new corner of the game for us.  There’s still a few surprises out there!  I think we can do a little better with some practice and a bit more PvP gear.

Skuls & Rockets

Last night, Skulfrak finally got his X-51 Touring Rocket mount – the two-seater reward from the recruit-a-friend program.  My wife’s shadow priest, Skullfraxen, has the extremely rare X-51 Nether Rocket already, so we make quite the pair showing off in Dalaran.  I wish I could have this on all my toons istaed of just one, but Skul is my main man, so he deserved it most.