A few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Hearthcore show with Rodney and Juice, and I’ve gotta say, it was a lot of fun. My day job allows me to sit at a desk for most of the day, and I can listen to pretty much anything I want, and for a few years now, the main bulk of that has been podcasts. They’re like radio stations where the hosts talk about exactly the kinds of things I’m interested in.

I’ve always thought about doing a show of my own, or trying to find one to be a co-host on. These are exactly the kinds of conversations I have all the time, and it would be a hoot to be able to have a larger audience. I could see myself doing a weekly WoW show. I have all of the equipment for it, and I’ll have the time, so I’ll see where this takes me in the next few months.

Check Out Hearthcast!

Giving a shout out this week for all fellow World of Warcraft players to check out the Hearthcast podcast – a weekly show for casual WoW player.  It’s hosted by Rewt and Freckleface, and the quality and content is very top-shelf.  I listen to a lot of shows while I’m working, and this is one I don’t miss.

There’s a great variety of segments to go with all of the latest news.  There are contributors giving tips and tricks, and the length is perfect – not too short, and not rambling off-topic for far too long like some other shows.  The production quality is about the best you’ll find, and the hosts are entertaining, fun, and well-spoken.

Rewt and Freckleface are regular players in the game, and it’s fun to hear their personal observations of the state of things.  I believe they play on the Whisperwind server, alliance-side.  If you’re a podcast listener, be sure to subscribe through iTunes, or listen from the web – http://www.hearthcast.com.