Hearthstone Card backs

I only got to rank 17 this month in Hearthstone, as my play time was a bit limited, but I was able to get to rank 17 and earned the new card back for the month. I also was finally able to get the Fireside Gathering back this month, too, so I have a pretty good selection to choose from now. I’d love to see a “random” option for selecting the backs at some point.


A few weeks ago, I was a guest on the Hearthcore show with Rodney and Juice, and I’ve gotta say, it was a lot of fun. My day job allows me to sit at a desk for most of the day, and I can listen to pretty much anything I want, and for a few years now, the main bulk of that has been podcasts. They’re like radio stations where the hosts talk about exactly the kinds of things I’m interested in.

I’ve always thought about doing a show of my own, or trying to find one to be a co-host on. These are exactly the kinds of conversations I have all the time, and it would be a hoot to be able to have a larger audience. I could see myself doing a weekly WoW show. I have all of the equipment for it, and I’ll have the time, so I’ll see where this takes me in the next few months.

Hearthstone – New Card Back

Got my Hallow’s End card back for the month of October. They really should put holiday themed art out the month before the even, not the one after. It’s not really that cool after the event is over. I hope they don’t do a Winter’s Veil theme in January.

Into the Arena – Hearthstone

I played a bit more Hearthstone yesterday, clearing a few quests, and made enough gold to pay the 150 coin entry fee. The arena is sort of like a booster draft, so everyone has an equal chance to build a deck from a good assortment of cards. You don’t get to keep them at the end, so they give you some pretty good choices. Play ends after 3 losses, and your random rewards grow with each win you score. You’re guaranteed a pack of cards even if you win none at all, so it’s not a bad deal at all.


2 wins in the Arena

I’ve been tweaking some of my other constructed decks with the cards I’ve won, and I can pull a few wins here and there. It’s pretty fun for now!

Kicked some paladin ass