Desktop for Today – TOR

To get myself in the mindset of switching gears from WoW to TOR, today I went with some concept art for the planet Taris from the Star Wars universe.  This game takes place 3000 years before Luke and Vader, so there are multitudes of Jedi and Sith running around. Should be fun!

Desktop for Today – Space: 1999

In honor of Breakaway Day, here’s the crashed Eagle again. The premise of Space:1999 was that the moon was blasted out of Earth’s orbit on September 13th, 1999.  In the 70’s, this seemed like a long way off, but in 2011, it’s kind of funny, now. Still, one of the best spacecraft designs in sci-fi, though.

Desktop for Today – Endless

Today’s desktop on the home machine is one of my favorite graphics – Endless. It’s a neat image with some sci-fi looking text overlays and the message – “Space is Endless”.

Desktop for Today – Star Trek

In honor of the 45th anniversary of Star Trek, today’s background image is the USS Enterprise. I really enjoyed the last movie, but it still seems like the franchise is stammering around, and has no one at the helm.

Desktop for Today – Spider-man!

Found an image of my all-time favorite super-hero, Spider-man.  This was the character I connected with the most in high school, and will always be an old friend to me. I’m not sure about the new movie in production now. I don’t like the costume changes, and don’t understand why we needed a reboot instead of a continuation.